They Were Human

She was scared,

chose to keep things to herself

He was stubborn,

always denied what he felt

They were flawed


Incredibly human

They were a match made in Heaven

Or maybe in Hell

Despite their indifference

Lost words

Downward glances

The I love yous and I hate yous

The hot, the cold

The what do you wants?

And the I don’t knows

Jealousy and pettiness

Resentment and relentlessness

His, “I don’t understand you

But I promise I’m trying to.”

Mixed signals

Silent treatments

The “why don’t you listens?”

The way he grins

when he knows she’s right

The way he crumbles

when she says she’ll be fine

“Let me help you!

I promise we’ll make this alright.

I’ll do what I can,

just please let me try.”

They were perfect

They were

Until one day they stopped

Stopped talking

Stopped smiling

Stopped trying at all

They were strangers


Just sharing a bed

They were lonely

Lost people

Too stuck in their heads

Said, “Never give up”

But that’s what they did

“I’m sorry…

I love you…

But this…

…it’s the end.”


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