The Most Annoying Things Other People Do

I’m one of those people who can be described as “easily irritable.”  As much as I try not to get upset by the little things people do, I often find that if someone is persistent enough they can find a way to get on my nerves. That being said, I could’ve easily composed a list of well over 100 things that I consider to be “The Most Annoying Things Other People Do.”  Instead, I asked several individuals what they think is the most annoying part of being around other people. They are as follows:

     1.    Chewing Something Crunchy in a Room That’s Completely Silent 

Okay, this one’s mine. I know I mentioned that I’m annoyed by most things but I felt the need to include this one because, for me, this one takes the cake. I hate the sound of chewing in general but there is nothing worse than sitting in a quiet room and all the sudden you hear this loud crunch. Followed by another crunch then another crunch etc. etc.

     2.     People That Aren’t Driving Fast Enough to Be in the Left Lane

Driving behind a slow driver in a lane that’s meant for passing other slow drivers is infuriating. But you know what’s even more infuriating? Finally getting around them, peering into their window to give them a dirty look, only to find that they’re texting. So now not only are you annoyed about their  inconsiderate driving, you’re also upset that they didn’t see the disapproving glare you aimed in their general direction. 


3.   Question Your Resting B*tch Face  

If you’re among the large group of people who have resting bitch face than you’ve encountered that person who feels the constant need to ask, “Are you upset?” or “You seem angry is something wrong?” The answer is always no and if we seem annoyed it’s because we’ve already answered that question fifteen million times today.


4.    Repetition 

This is basically when someone repeats the same thing over and over again because they assume you didn’t hear them. Because if you had heard them of course you’d be more excited. When in reality you heard them the first time but you just don’t care enough about what they’re saying to give them the reaction they’re looking for.


5.   Jokes With a Forgotten Punchline

When someone is telling one of those obnoxiously long jokes with tons of exposition only to get to the end and have no idea where the joke was going. This is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved; the people listening just lost a portion of their life to a dead-end joke and now the person telling the joke looks stupid.


6.   People That Won’t Be Quiet After Being Asked Several Times to Silence Themselves

This is especially annoying when you’re trying to concentrate on something. (i.e taking a test or filling out an important form) It also goes beyond them just being loud or overly chatty, in cases like these you or someone else has asked for quiet on several occasions and these people continue to run their mouths.


7.   Whining About Things That Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal

There are a lot of crappy things about being a human being and odds are you find yourself in situations that feel like the end of the world multiple times in the course of a single day. Everyone has their issues. What’s annoying is that person who constantly feels the need to complain about their miniscule problems to people who don’t care. Even more annoying? When they act like you don’t have problems of your own. Or if they do acknowledge that you too have issues, they act like there is no way on earth your problems even compare to theirs.

 What other annoying habits make you hate being around other members of the human race? 


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